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External Anticorrosion Coating Mono and double-layer epoxy coating -thickness: 0.25 -1 mm Three-layer polyethylene/polypropylene coating (Epoxy primer, Adhesive, and Polyethylene / Polypropylene topcoat) Diameter 10 to 48 inches, length 10.5 to 12.5 m

Coating of the external surface Diameter of pipe 6 to 24 inches The thickness of MLPP coating: 25-120 mm Production parameter: depending on the project 5 layer and 9 layer application systems Concrete coating application on the multi-layer thermal coating

With improved cold resistant large diameter pipes producer Pipe Mill is ready to provide you pipes with improved cold resistance for usage in extreme cold outside conditions. pipe products for transportation and exploration of Oil and Gas (OCTG). Interpipe product range includes: - seamless and welded (ERW) casing - seamless tubing - couplings

Types of internal isolation that meet the standards and special requirements of customers: Internal protective epoxy coating Coating applied to reduce roughness in the inner walls of gas and water pipes (in order to accelerate the flow) The pipes are 12-20 inches in diameter and 10.5-12.5 m long; the thickness of the coating is 60-100 μm Gas, hot and cold water pipes Operating temperature - 100⁰ C

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The gold standard in corrosion protection, each pipeline coating provides durable, reliable performance and easily layers with other Shawcor coatings for flow assurance, mechanical protection, weight stabilization and more.


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