The modern world depends on steel, it’s woven into everything we do

Automotive and mobility

Steel will continue to be the dominant material in cars, with demand expected to stay the same even as the world makes the transition to electrified vehicles. So as the design and engineering of vehicles evolves, so will the materials they are made from. Smarter steels can not only offer better strength and safety; they can also adapt to the function of each individual part, offering high levels of efficiency and sustainability. And innovations in battery technology mean manufacturers can achieve their lightweighting and driving range goals more cost-effectively with steel than with any other material.

  • Drawing steels
  • High yield HSS
  • 1st Gen AHSS
  • Press hardenable
  • Steels for Cryogenic
  • Petroleum refining


Our steels are used throughout the construction and infrastructure sectors. They create high and low-rise office and residential buildings; they are extensively used in bridges, tunnels, culverts and highways; and they can be found throughout stadiums, airports and railway stations, and in industrial and agricultural buildings. Specialist steels are essential to the building process, too – featuring in heavy construction equipment, hydraulic cylinders, scaffolding and fencing.

  • Structural Steel
  • Steel Rebar
  • Alloy Steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel

Oil & Gas

Although the renewable energy revolution is underway, the world will still rely on traditional fossil fuels such as oil and gas during a transitional phase. We supply the steels for onshore and offshore oil & gas production facilities, gas processing plants, gas liquefaction trains, and oil and liquified natural gas (LNG) storage tanks.

  • Large-diameter pipes
  • Offshore pipes LSAW
  • Vessels Clad Plates
  • Onshore pipes LSAW
  • Hot-rolled coils
  • Deformax pipes
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